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Musical repertoire

For a capella Growlers

Arrache (2023),Pascal Germain-Berardi, 5’


For amplified Growlers ensemble and electro-acoustic tape


The Dayking* (2019), Pierre-Luc Senécal, 20’
*for ensemble of Growlers and narrator. Text by Fortner Anderson


Hate.Machine (2020), Pierre-Luc Senécal, 9’


Growler’s Creed (2021 min), Pierre-Luc Senécal, 5’


Grogregut (2022), Pierre-Luc Senécal, 10’


For Growlers Choir and classical choir


Warning to the Rich (1977), Thomas Jennefelt, 10’


Shiki (4 Seasons): No. 2. Amanogawa (River of Heaven) (2009), Matthew Whittall, 6’


The Dayking (2021), Pierre-Luc Senécal, 20’
*version for double choir, without electroacoustic tape


Le Ultimatum (2021), Pascal Germain-Berardi, 30’


Popular musical arrangements


La, la la, je ne l’ose dire, Pierre Certon (1538), arr. de Pierre-Luc Senécal (2021), 3’

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