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As seen on America's Got Talent
Growlers Choir is the most famous growlers choir in History.

Composed solely of metal vocalists, Growlers Choir blends metal and experimental music

in a way that is unique and groundbreaking. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, the 13 metal vocalists ensemble was founded by composer Pierre-Luc Senécal in 2018.

Fascinated by extreme metal as well as a variety of throat singing techniques,

Growlers Choir showcases the sonic potential of the voice and demonstrates its extraordinary properties, both sensual and monstrous. 

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Growlers Choir - VALDA! Quand ta voix sonne comme ça!
Rainbow Six Extraction: After Effect Gameplay Trailer
Growlers Choir - The Dayking (Live in Montreal)
Growlers Choir - X.HATE.MACHINE.X
Growlers Choir - How it feels to growl in the Choir
La Place des Arts présente : Le chant choral - Épisode 4 - Les growlers
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GC au GAMIQ 2023


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