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The most famous growlers choir in History. Composed solely of metal vocalists called “growlers”, Growlers Choir blends metal and experimental music in a way that is unique and groundbreaking. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, one of the world’s capital of metal music, the 13 metal vocalists ensemble was dreamt up by composer Pierre-Luc Senécal in 2016. What may have been a wild fantasy for many metalheads was finally brought to fruition in May 2019, when the band took the stage for their first public performance. Their first piece, the mythical “The Dayking”, has triggered a frenzy of ecstatic comments, calling it “masterfully arranged”, “mindblowing”, “a ritual of summoning demons from the other dimensions”, a descent “into literal unbridled chaos”. This success was in no small part due to the lead speaker’s of the piece, Fortner Anderson. Pioneer of the spoken word scene in Montreal, his reading of his text “The Dayking” has been described as dramatically poignant, visceral and riveting. 


Since, Growlers Choir has dedicated itself to producing ambitious concerts, creating bewitching music and exploring vocal techniques. Fascinated by extreme metal as well as a variety of throat singing techniques, Growlers Choir showcases the sonic potential of the voice and demonstrates its extraordinary properties, both sensual and monstrous. 


In May 2021, Growlers Choir headlined the Festival international de musique actuelle de Victoriaville, one of the most respected events of its kind in North America.


In June 2021, it collaborated with classical choir Temps Fort for the concert “Extreme Vocals”. The event comprised 60 minutes of music for double choir (14 growlers and 24 singers) in a 50,000 square feet church.

On April 4, 2022, Growlers Choir impressed the judges at the popular television music competition America's Got Talent.


Growlers Choir’s original musical hydra has attracted a variety of public and media such as Vice News, popular Quebecer talk show Tout le monde en parle and MetalSucks, one of the most important media of the metal music scene. 

Growlers Choir is a grant recipient from the Canadian Council of the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

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